Month: September 2016

Health Promotion Team, Blood Bank of Hawaii Host On-Campus Blood Drive

BY CHRIS TAKAHASHI | STAFF WRITER Students from KCC’s Health Promotion Team have partnered with the Blood Bank of Hawai‘i for a blood drive today on campus. The Blood Bank of Hawai‘i has provided one of their “bloodmobiles,” located behind the Ohia Cafeteria, for the drive from 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. According to student volunteer Elise McKnight-Kim, the Health Promotion Team was able to sign up most of the available time slots, despite some last-minute cancellations. The need for blood is constant. Blood Bank of Hawai‘i has “fallen dangerously low of its supply of universal blood type O,” according...

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KCC’s Got Talent

By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer Within only two weeks of each other, KCC will be hosting two talent shows: one exclusively for faculty and staff on Friday, September 30, and then one that mostly features students on Monday, October 10. The two culminating events may serve different platforms but both will showcase the unknown talent of KCC. Veronica Ogata, campus chair coordinator of the first talent show on Friday, shared how she was given knowledge of the event as of early August and had since been arranging different acts to perform for the UH systems’ first talent show,...

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Cactus and Coffee Looking For Volunteers

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer That time of the year for the KCC Cactus Garden Clean-Up is taking place this Saturday from 7:45 a.m. to noon. The Board of Student Activities (BOSA) is looking for students and teachers to volunteer for this semester’s event who can help in with Moriso Teraoka’s Cactus Garden that has been worked on for the last 15 years. Students and teachers who plan to volunteer are encouraged to bring gloves, water, and covered shoes. BOSA is asking to please meet at Ilima building courtyard. According to BOSA, Teraoka is now in his 90s, which is...

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7 Personality Types Based on Your Poke Preference

By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer Forget the Myers-Briggs test or Rorschach inkblot test in determining your personality type. Too many subjective questions for the former, and too much agony for the latter (“Are those droopy elephant ears or butterfly wings? How does this even relate to my personality?”). Let’s simplify the process with something we all can agree upon: eating poke. But then, there’s sound logic behind the poke personality test as no two poke are alike. Everyone has their favorite, and with that, a corresponding personality type. Let’s dive in, shall we? 1) Shoyu Ahi Poke You...

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Lama Library Looking For Study Abroad Students

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer The Lama Library is searching for student facilitators who can help during International Games Day (IGD) that is held in February every year. “We are looking for students who have been in the Study Abroad Program to work for honorarium (pay),” said Joy Oehlers, a librarian in Lama Library. “We are also hoping that some who potentially might join Study Abroad will be able to volunteer for us.” Former Study Abroad students who apply to become a student facilitator for this event will receive a stipend hourly to their own flexible schedule. The library is even accepting students...

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No Meat No Problem At 1st Annual Veg Fest Oahu

By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer Vegans, vegetarians, yogis, and all other types of humans who believe in a sustainable lifestyle congregated this past Saturday to celebrate Hawaii’s first VegFest. VegFest may still be a new concept to the residents of Hawaii, but it is actually renowned as an international event where others who identify as vegans or vegetarians can eat and promote their ideas in a safe environment. Though the event was abundant with vegan-friendly activities, it wasn’t just aimed towards those who have already converted. In fact many of the booths and vendors there were intent on persuading...

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KCC Students Can Reap Island Air $45 Standby Benefits

By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer An all-expenses paid trip to Hawai‘i is a gimmick that outsiders of Hawai‘i buy into thanks to TV game shows. And while Island Airlines can’t particularly promise an entirely free travel package to just any willing participant, what it can offer is a College Standby Program targeted towards KCC students in order for them to visit paradise at a too-good-to-be-true price of $45.  The Island Air College Standby Program is one that should be made known to KCC students as well as all college students within the island chain, whether local, transplant, or international. As...

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$2,000 Scholarships Available for 2nd-Year Students

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer KCC’s Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Brenda Ivelisse, has allotted $50,000 to the Student Success Council (SSC) in means to provide financial assistance for second-year students. This is being distributed to second-year students who will be granted up to $2,000 as a scholarship to help pay for second-year students tuition ($1,000 toward Fall 2016 and $1,000 toward Spring 2016). The council is looking for students who demonstrate outstanding academic work, leadership, and service to the campus and community. If chosen, the student will not only receive the $2,000 scholarship but will also serve on the Student...

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  • Caroline DanforthCaroline Danforth
    Caroline Danforth is a third-year student attending UH Mānoa majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM), specializing in Wildlife Management and Ecology. Originally from San Francisco, CA., Danforth is taking a physics course for summer school at KCC. She moved to Oʻahu in 2015 to attend college, sharing that she enjoys being a part of the NREM program in Hawaiʻi because of how it allows her to focus on management of species on a smaller scale. Compared to the mainland, Danforth said that Hawaiʻi has interesting native species that cannot be found anywhere else. In contrast to her educational reasons, Danforth shared that she chose to move to Hawaiʻi to attend college because of its close proximity to places such as the beach, and because of the opportunities that the campuses provide for students. "I like how the culture here really plays a huge influence on pretty much how everyone lives, because where I'm from there isn't ... one culture that stands out more than any of the other ones," Danforth said. "So, I like being able to learn about the Hawaiian culture and things like that, the lifestyle, and just how people interact with other people who are here, [and] the nature."