Month: December 2016

Miki Nakasone

Miki Nakasone is a first year student at KCC. She has just graduated from Kalani High School. At the moment she is undecided in terms of her major, though she is currently striving to get a Liberal Arts degree at KCC. In her free time she likes to stand-up paddle and surf. One of the beaches that she frequents the most is Kahala beach since itʻs near her house. The biggest waves that she has ever caught were around 3-4 feet. Over break she is looking forward to her cousins coming down from California.

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Mikayla Shankles

Mikayla Shankles is a first-year student attending KCC with the intention of either majoring in computer or software engineering. Mikayla initially wanted to major in civil engineer, but after her uncle – who is a civil engineer himself – said that it wouldn’t suit her, she chose between computer and software due to her passion for building her own computers and creating applications. During her free time, Mikayla enjoys taking long walks on the beach to relieve stress. Mikayla is also a Lunalilo Scholar from the Lunalilo Scholarship Program. Mikayla stated that she had never been a scholar before, and finds it awesome to be one knowing that she has people supporting her.

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Voices & Views

  • Erika MatsuiErika Matsui
    Erika Matsui is a 35-year-old first-year Natural Science/Biology major from Tagimi, Japan (Gifu Prefecture). Before moving to Hawai'i, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and began work as an aesthetician and hair stylist. Matsui, whose father was previously a guest geophysics researcher at UH-Mānoa, decided to continue her studies here, beginning at KCC. “I am appreciative and glad to be a student at KCC," Matsui said, "and my fathers' peers recommended I begin here. ... The instructors offer a better atmosphere for learning, they told me." Working as an aesthetician and hair stylist, Matsui became concerned with only being able to treat the symptoms of the chronic skin disease and alopecia. She wants to do more and be able to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms, to find a cure. “Observing my father, how he studied and how he approached his research, he inspired me to want to be a biomedical researcher ... so that I can really help these people," she said. Matsui is currently working on her prerequisites so that she can begin her graduate studies at UH Mānoa and to eventually earn a doctorate in either Microbiology or Molecular Biology and Bio-engineering.