Month: January 2017

KCC Filipino Club to Host System-Wide Conference

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER Every year, students across all UH campus systems who are at least part Filipino heritage congregate for the annual Pamantasan event held at one of the seven UH campuses. This year’s theme is “Don’t Stop Believing” and will feature topics covering Civic & Creative Engagement. “Pamantasan,” translated from Tagalog, means “higher education.” As its name suggests its purpose, the Pamantasan event led by the Pamantasan Council hopes to encourage Filipino students or any student in general to strive for a higher level of education that doesn’t just stop at an associate’s degree. This year’s annual...

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Yonik Gomez

Yonik Gomez is in his first semester at KCC for his general education classes and he intends on graduating with a degree in radiology technology.

“I always wanted to get into the medical field,” says Yonik, but since his wife already lives the stressful life of a nurse, he’d rather “get a job that’ll be relaxing.”

Yonik is from New York but was stationed in Kaneohe in 2012 during his time in the military. He’s glad that he finished his five-year contract in the military and is now hoping to get his degree. In his spare time he likes to cook, work, and draw “anything that’s in front of [him].”

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Aloof in the Night: ‘Point-in-Time’ Count

By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer  When our group set out again for one final tally of the unsheltered homeless population in the East Honolulu region of Oʻahu, it was already a quarter past 8 o’clock on a Tuesday evening. I was practically ready to call it a night at this point. Yet, I was undeniably aware that I was the all-too-familiar “straggler volunteer,” having arrived well after sunset for a volunteer event that was scheduled to run from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. I had arrived at Kawaikui Park and was greeted in a friendly manner by two...

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PETA vs. ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and Judging Films Prematurely

By Gavin Arucan | Staff Writer “A Dog’s Purpose” was supposed to be a feel-good movie dedicated to dog owners everywhere about how a simple dog can make a big impact on the people around it. However, that was not meant to be as footage showing possible animal abuse on set was leaked online, and the internet went into a rage. The video in question shows an animal trainer attempting to place a dog in rough waters for a scene. After a cut, the dog is shown in the water and nearly drowns before crew members rescued it. The...

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Aster Sarte

Aster Sarte will be a KCC student in the Fall 2017 semester, returning to school after a nearly 10-year hiatus. Aster was born in the Philippines but moved to Madrid, Spain before he was a teenager. Though he spent much of his youth in Madrid, Aster is a die-hard Barcelona futbol fan, all despite having grown up next to Real Madrid’s stadium and hearing the roar of those fans during home games. At age 19, Aster moved again – this time west to California where he studied filmmaking in college.

After spending time working in film, Aster surprised his friends (and maybe himself) when he decided to join the armed forces. He saw combat overseas, returning to California and filmmaking after his tour of duty. Now, living on O’ahu, Aster will be taking a variety of classes in the realm of sustainability. He has taken a permaculture and design course outside of KCC and wants to increase his knowledge base in that field. On switching from his former role in the armed forces to working with plants and harvesting crops, Aster laughed candidly, “part of it is healing, too. In a way, because of course, all the damage that I’ve done in the military. [War] is the total opposite.”

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KCC Freshman a Veteran, Musician, Dancer

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer For 25-year-old Joseph Zayac, he would seem like any other freshman attending KCC wanting to get his/her Liberal Arts degree to receive a solid foundation in education with some knowledge in various core subjects such as English and Mathematics. However, what many may not know about Zayac is that he attends KCC as a veteran of the Marine Corps, while playing music and dancing professionally on the side. Originally from Aurora, Colo., Zayac (zei·ack) attended Eaglecrest High School with the dream of becoming a soldier in the U.S. Navy. However, his plans changed after he...

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New York City Suggestions For a 1st Timer

By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer Over Christmas break I was fortunate enough to visit New York for the very first time with my family, fulfilling my long-time fantasy of visiting the infamous “Big Apple.” After living in Hawaiʻi for so long, I never understood the excitement of being a tourist on the islands until I found myself there. There are so many iconic places to visit and things to do, just in Manhattan alone. This can seem overwhelming at first, but if done right, traveling in NYC can be a dream come true. 1. Get yourself a Metro Card With all...

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2017 Oscar Nominations Reactions

By Gavin Arucan | Staff Writer Every year since 1929, the biggest film creators and stars have gathered to celebrate the best of the best in the film industry by awarding certain talents the greatest acclamation someone in that industry can receive: an Oscar. The Oscars, or Academy Awards, has a large group of film connoisseurs voting on which films should be considered to win the prestigious award. The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday, and moviegoers are excited to see some of the best films of 2016 get the recognition they deserve. Among these films are the...

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  • Imie Rose ZaluagaImie Rose Zaluaga
    Imie came to Hawai‘i from Cagayan de Oro City, in the Philippines, two years ago. She started school last fall, and is taking general education courses at the moment. Her sister owns a care home, and she currently works as a Certified Nurse Assistant — CNA — there, helping to take care of three patients. The job experience has motivated Imie to further her studies and pursue a career in nursing. However, the 23-year old believes "it is really hard to get into nursing school". In her free time, she enjoys the beautiful hikes and beaches on the island. Her favorite is Lanikai beach, in Kailua.