Month: February 2017

KCC Responds to Transgender Bathroom Policies

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced he would reverse bathroom protection for transgender students. In President Barack Obama’s term in office, protection for transgender students using the bathroom according to their preferred gender (as opposed to the gender on their birth certificate) was encouraged at federally funded schools. These measures were taken to prevent discrimination and assault onto LGBTQ students. Because of President Trump’s withdrawal of this protection, he has now passed the discretion to each individual state to decide how it will handle this issue in its own borders. Schools within the state are given the choice...

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What Happened to KCC’s LGBT Club?

By Gavin Arucan | Staff Writer Student clubs are some of the best ways to get college students to socialize and help out among their community through their specific hobbies. KCC has an abundance of clubs for students of different ethnicities, majors, and interests to take part in. The Bayanihan Club celebrates Filipino culture, the Ecology Club travels to Hilo every semester to help with reforestation, and the Anime Club shares their love of video games and obscure Japanese animation. However, there is one club that’s noticeably missing from KCC’s lengthy catalog: an LGBT Club. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay,...

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Ginessa Taa Gapasin

Ginessa Taa Gapasin is a second-year student at KCC who plans to major in nursing. While she attended Moanalua High School, she picked up paddle boarding as a side hobby.

Originally she planned on coming to KCC solely for its paramedics program. She changed her focus instead to nursing because she figured that nursing will be an easier job even though it’s harder to get into, whereas being in the EMT is easy, but the work would be harder.

On her free time she likes to go to the beach. For paddle boarding she likes to go to Pōka‘ī Bay, for hanging out, Kailua beach.

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KCC’s New Chemistry Club: The Ungraduated Cylinders

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER The chemistry club, also known as The Ungraduated Cylinders, was founded just this semester by Dr. Kathleen Ogata, a professor at KCC who primarily teaches chemistry courses. She figured that besides there being the tutoring center at the STEM building where students can receive help with chemistry, there should also be a club out there for serious chemistry majors who may want to pursue a career geared towards chemistry. The newly minted club and its members have already delegated a four of its members as club officers: Cyrus Ma, president; Alyson Shoji, vice president; Leah McCabe, secretary; and...

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Word on the Street: Favorite Restaurant

Where is your favorite place to eat? Brandon Patolo Age: 23 Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai‘i Major: Mechanical Engineering “Anywhere? My favorite place would be Roberto’s in Las Vegas, which is a Mexican-style restaurant.” Aya Kosaka Age: 20 Hometown: Osaka, Japan Major: ESOL “My favorite place would be Gorilla Cafe in Waikiki. They sell acai bowls and smoothies.” Britney Torres Age: 23 Hometown: Kaua‘i Major: Dental Hygiene “Anywhere? Since I’m from Kaua‘i it would probably be the Pono Market.” Haitam Lamqaddem Age: 20 Major: ESOL “I just moved here so I do not know much places, but for now it would...

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KCC to Host College Transfer, Employment Fair

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer KCC will be having its second College Transfer and Employment Fair on March 9 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. around the Great Lawn. The fair will be open to students, alumni, and the general public. Co-sponsored by the Employment Prep Center, Maida Kamber Center (MKC), and Board of Student Activities (BOSA), the fair will have more than 100 total employers and four-year university representatives to assist anyone who needs help in finding/applying for a job or looking to transfer to a university after KCC. “Students who are interested in transferring on to...

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KCC, UH Professors Reflect on ‘Division’ in Trump’s 1st Month

By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer  In the aftermath of Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, White House press secretary Sean Spicer quickly went on the offensive for the nascent Trump administration. Speaking at his first press conference the very next day, Spicer accused the free press of “deliberately false reporting” the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration. Spicer contended that the event brought forth the “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” Spicer went so far as to claim that statistics for daily metro ridership in D.C. during Trump’s inauguration far exceeded those from the past Obama inauguration crowds....

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Micheal Olson

Michael Olson is a third-year student and is an IT major. Michael, a Mililani High School graduate, transferred to KCC from UH Mānoa, where he was studying computer science. Michael said he chose KCC because it is more “hands on” than UH. After graduating this semester, Michael aspires to getting a job involving cyber security.

Outside of class, Micheal enjoys taking Kendo, a Japanese sword martial art, at the Japanese Cultural Center. He also enjoys working out. On campus, Michael has created a spiritual club called Mind Above, which holds meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12:30 at Subway in ʻIliahi.

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  • Jennifer ChoJennifer Cho
    Jennifer Cho is 21 years old and was born and raised in Honolulu. She is a former student at KCC and chose to major in liberal arts when she attended so that she could get all of her core classes out of the way. Currently, Cho goes to UH Mānoa where she is completing her BA in Travel Industry Management and she works part-time at KCC as a student assistant for Honda International Center where she assists international students with anything they need. "I help my supervisors, help with students, answer basic questions, email students and answer phone calls," Cho says about her job at KCC. "I just help with the international students that are currently attending KCC." In her free time Cho enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing golf as a hobby. One of her favorite courses to play at is the Hawaiʻi Kai Par-3 because it's a simple course.