Month: May 2017

Honolulu Faces Acute Challenge From Rising Seas

By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer   The “king tides” that affected the shores of the Hawaiian Islands last week, beginning May 25 and lasting through the weekend, gave both locals and visitors a taste of what we can expect in years to come if we do little to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The king tides themselves are a naturally occurring and seasonally predictable event (having to do with the gravitational pull of the moon and not increasing carbon dioxide levels that warm the climate), but coupled with the high surf and already elevated sea levels, this...

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Applebee’s Brings Mainland Cuisine to West Side ʻOahu

Brew Pub Pretzels + Beer Cheese Dip Salsa Verde Beef Nachos BBQ Brisket Tacos Shrimp Wonton Stir Fry By Gavin Arucan | Staff Writer Whenever a prominent restaurant opens its doors for the first time in ʻOahu, the island community will always rush over to try the new eatery, especially when it’s a restaurant chain from the mainland. No matter how potentially disappointing it may be, us locals grow excited to get in on anything the mainland had been keeping to itself. That’s why most Hawaiʻi families will flock to Trader Joe’s or In-N-Out Burger whenever they’re in the mainland, and that’s...

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Escaping Breakout Waikīkī for the First Time

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer As many times as I have visited Waikīkī, there are still many places that I have yet to discover and explore in the heavily tourist populated area. However, I got the opportunity on May 26 to look into a particular place that many people rave about: Breakout Waikīkī. Located in Kings Village Shopping Center on Ka‘iulani Ave., its doors open to several rooms that visitors can choose to enter which all result in the same objective of needing to escape the room within one hour. As easy as it may sound to break out of...

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Thao Huynh

Thao Huynh is a second-year college student at KCC majoring in hospitality. At the age of 24, Huynh has already received a B.A. in hospitality in her home country, Vietnam, but has decided to go back to school in Hawai’i since her foreign degree wouldn’t qualify in the U.S., which is where she eventually wants to live as a resident. Huynh currently resides in Waikīkī with her uncle and cousins. Over the summer she plans on relaxing after the long school year and working part time at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown.

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Hidden Gems: The Manapua Man

By Gavin Arucan | Staff Writer The Manapua Man is a Hawaiʻi icon that may be difficult to find today, but rests in the fond childhood memories of nearly every local who used to frequent the Manapua Man’s truck for cheap grindz decades ago. While the Manapua Man trucks currently reside in only a few neighborhoods, many locals will remember when the food trucks served nearly every neighborhood on Oʻahu. Pearl City High School Class of ’83 alumnus, Michelle Kuroda, used to rush over to the nearby manapua and shave ice truck with her friends after school. “We looked forward to...

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‘Ike Wai Program Witness CWRM Meeting

By Kayla Valera| Staff Writer  Last week Tuesday on May 16, KCC’s ‘Ike Wai Program– comprised of students who study various scientific perspectives of water through a week-long program– sat through a Commission of Water Resource Management (CWRM) meeting at the Department of Land and Natural Resources to witness the process behind policies before they are enacted onto wet water. Before witnessing the three action items to be discussed, the students were asked of the four duties that the appointed CWRM members oversees as “trustees” of a public trust. As the students pitched in their ideas as to what...

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New Michael Mina Restaurant Concept Draws A Following

By Chris Takahashi | Staff Writer  Last Thursday, when O’ahu resident Steve Yim stopped by the soft opening of The Street, A Michael Mina Social House, in Honolulu, it was at the warm invitation of his friend and restaurant owner, Ken Tominaga. While living in northern California years back, Yim used to drive over an hour, and often with friends, to dine at Tominaga’s Zagat-rated Hāna Japanese Restaurant in Rohnert Park. Visiting Tominaga’s newest restaurant, called The Ramen Bar, is now a much more practical commute for Yim to experience the chef’s take on traditional Japanese cuisine. The Ramen...

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KCC’s Competitive Nursing Program Challenges Students

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER Before the end of the spring and fall semesters, KCC students who have applied for one of the six nursing programs expect a letter to see whether or not they have been admitted into at least one of the exclusive programs. These programs include the Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program, the Practical Nursing Program (PRCN), the Associate’s in Science Degree – which leads to the Registered Nurse (RN) License, Adult Resident Care Home (ARCH) Program (for nurses who want to open up their own care home), the Surgical Technology Program, and the Long-Term Care Nurse...

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  • Ali PetrucciAli Petrucci
    Ali Petrucci is currently in her second semester at KCC and is majoring in biology so that she can eventually go into medical school.  Ali is originally from Bogota, the capitol of Colombia, but she moved to Hawaiʻi because her husband is in the military and was stationed on Oʻahu. Ali loves the people and culture of Hawaiʻi and often rides her bike to experience everything the island has to offer. "I'm also trying to learn how to play the ‘ukulele right now, so I'm spending a bit of time on that," says Ali. "Other than that, I'm just going to school."