Month: September 2017

Leinad Arakaki

Leinad Arakaki received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Kauaʻi Community College back in 2002. She was born and raised in Kauaʻi and moved to Oʻahu in 2006. Originally, her plan in coming to KCC was to finish her degree and get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Since coming back to school Arakaki has rediscovered the passion she has always had for social sciences.

“While nursing is a great profession, I always, always was interested in humanities, social sciences,” she said. “And when I took my geography course last semester, which would have been part of my bachelor’s in Nursing, I realized how much I really love it and still love it and decided to head into a social science field.”

Arakaki is considering getting her Bachelor of Arts in Geography or even Sociology when she transfers to UH-Mānoa next semester. When she’s not busy studying or working, she loves to hike trails like Moanalua trail over on the windward side.

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Professor Endured a Long Journey to Get to KCC

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer Professor Lisa Bright knows the challenges of desiring an education but continually feeling pulled back into the workforce. After almost 27 years of going back and forth between careers and college, Bright knew she needed to commit to finishing her education. Though she first enrolled in college in 1986, Bright needed nearly three decades to finish, finally earning her master’s in Communication in 2013. Bright has taught in the department of Communications at KCC for the past three years and has recently been hired as a full-time tenure-track faculty member. After being a lecturer...

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Senior Students Audit Classes at KCC

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER For 81-year-old Janet Anderson, going to college was a far-removed possibility due to her responsibilities as a mother and U.S. Air Force wife that she was given early on in life. In comparison, her friend and neighbor, 77-year-old Joan Larcom, has earned several degrees within her lifetime including a B.A. in English Literature, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology. Despite their different backgrounds in education, both Larcom and Anderson have found themselves at KCC auditing classes for the benefit of simply learning new things that align with their spheres of interest. Larcom was the...

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Word on the Street: Craziest Injury

By Mac Smith | Staff Writer What’s the craziest injury you’ve ever had? Jessica Kawaguchi “I played the floor is lava. … I jumped from one couch to another and totally went over the side and broke my arm.” Ashlyn Luckhurst  Major: Liberal Arts “I jumped off a ledge and there was loose gravel on top of the pavement, which caused me to slip and tear ligaments in both sides of my knee.” Natanya Peck  Age: 20 Major: Deaf Studies “I both sprained and dislocated my thumb. … I was spinning rifles, and I managed to get my finger...

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King’s Hawaiian Competition Seeks Contestants

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer The Culinary Innovation Center (CIC) will be hosting its second King’s Hawaiian Product Development Competition on Friday, Feb. 16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Open to students majoring in Culinary Arts or Science, interested contestants will have to develop a locally inspired perishable savory and/or sweet spread/dip. The CIC will open the Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP) to students for open lab dates from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the following days: Mondays: Oct. 2, 9, 23, 30; Nov. 6, 13, 27; Jan. 22 Fridays: Sept. 29; Jan. 12, 19,...

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Culinary Innovation Center Combines Science with Food

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer When first-year student Holden Nakamura was referred by Culinary Arts counselor Lori Maehara to volunteer in the kitchen of the Culinary Innovation Center (CIC), he immediately accepted the opportunity. Since beginning his volunteer work in late August, the 25-year-old Culinary Arts major has been executing already-tested recipes while also developing new ones. “As soon as I started working with … foods that nobody’s made before or no one’s tried before, that’s when I knew it was something that I really want to pursue and learn more about,” said Nakamura. The CIC, managed by...

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Ecology Club Gets Waist Deep in Mud

By Mac Smith| Staff Writer Last Saturday, Sept. 16, five Ecology Club members went to a Hoʻokuaʻāina workday on the windward side of the island. Hoʻokuaʻāina refers to restoring the land back to abundance and building a community through sharing of knowledge to future generations. Hoʻokuaʻāina is also the organization that hosted the workday. From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., the club members were waist-deep in mud pulling weeds from the taro patch, rinsing off extra mud then putting the weeds in a bucket that will be composted later.   Taro is a staple food item for Native Hawaiians. The importance...

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Emma Eckfeldt

Emma Eckfeldt is a first-year student at KCC as a liberal arts major with a concentration in education. Eckfeldt is of Japanese descent and has many family members who are fluent in Japanese, which has inspired her to go into the JET program or Japanese English Teaching program when she transfers to UH-Mānoa. She is currently taking four classes and is in an elementary Japanese class. Her goal after graduation is to move to Japan as an English teacher to teach young elementary-age students. Eckfeldt chose KCC because she wanted a chance to explore options without the pressure of a university. At KCC, she also has more time to think about future classes and get her toe in the water when it comes to learning Japanese.

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With four weeks left until the last day of instruction, what are you most concerned about?

Voices & Views

  • Danelle GalloDanelle Gallo
    Danelle Gallo, Oʻahu resident by way of Connecticut, is a KCC pre-nursing student applying for either the LPN or RN program for fall 2017. Her first love is art, of which Danelle admits, “I’ll always be an artist and a musician.” Danelle has channeled her passion for art and music into her studies of medicine, and she hopes to become a compassionate healer in the field. She is currently wrapping up a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the World Medicine Institute. “We need both (western and eastern medicine approaches) to be healthy...and so I’ve been studying acupuncture and medicinal herbs. I feel like I want a really comprehensive view of medicine,” says Danelle. In her spare time you can find Danelle enjoying the outdoors, creating music, and blending art creatively with political action.