Month: April 2018

Yilin Wan

Yilin Wan, a 20-year old aspiring psychologist, is preparing to graduate from KCC and will be transferring to UH Mānoa to pursue a BA in Psychology next semester.

“I am very excited to go back to China for the summer,” Yilin said. “Most of my friends back in China who are in college will not be on summer break until July, but I will spend time with family before seeing them.”

Yilin is from Wuhan, China, and has lived on O‘ahu for almost four years. She currently spends her free time studying for upcoming finals but still makes time for watching anime, her current favorite being “Kino’s Journey.” Yilin also works as a note taker on campus and is currently taking Chinese 290 as a native Mandarin speaker.

“While I am home for the summer I will travel to Guangzhou, Liuzhou, and Shanghai,” Yilin said. “I hope to go to Disneyland while in Shanghai.”

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Emily Whitfield

Emily Whitfield is a second-year student attending KCC. The 22-year old came to Oʻahu from Castries, St. Lucia (an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea), when her father landed a job that caused her and her family to move. Moving from the Caribbean to California, then eventually to the Big Island, Whitfield chose to attend college at KCC to major in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Whitfield’s decision to pursue this particular field of study was because of her interest towards it, believing that it’s a subject seldom discussed.

“I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to go into … [but Peace and Conflict Resolution] just sounded interesting,” Whitfield said. “It opens so many doors for you, so I thought it was just kind of interesting and I wanted to see what it was about.”

Although solving people’s problems is what she said she has difficulty with, Whitfield hopes to go into a career that will be related to her major.

Whitfield enjoys taking classes at KCC, expressing that she finds the campus to be laid back and “chill.” Whitfield said that if KCC were a four-year university, she would choose to stay to complete her Bachelor of Arts because of the comfortable feeling that the campus already gives her.

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Voices & Views

  • Keopuʻu Napolean-AhnKeopuʻu Napolean-Ahn
    Keopuʻu Napolean-Ahn is wrapping up her first-year of taking prerequisite courses at KCC. The 18-year-old has goals of becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and is hoping to fulfill this by getting into the Long Term Care Nurse Aide (CNA) and Practical Nursing (PRCN) program, which Napolean-Ahn said are considered the lowest programs to begin with on the nursing career ladder. Napolean-Ahn's decision in attending KCC was due to financial barriers and because of her belief that starting at a community college first rather than a university would result in more one-on-one support from those on campus. Napolean-Ahn does plan on transferring to UH Mānoa in the future and will determine if she will continue to pursue her nursing goals dependant upon how her experience turns out in the CNA and PRCN programs at KCC. With some finals already handed out by professors on campus, Napolean-Ahn said that her finals so far are going well. She was delighted to see that she passed her finals for her Math 103, English 98 and English 100 class; she is now waiting to see her final grade for her History class.