Year: 2018

Julian Nakayama

Originally from Japan, 20 year old Julian Nakayama has been living in Hawai‘i for two years. The Liberal Arts major moved here because of his interest in marine biology, and according to Julian, Hawai‘i is the ideal place to study that subject.

In comparison to Japan, Julian said, “[Hawaiʻi] is a good place to, like, relax, get a good tan.” He also likes it because, unlike Japan, it is not as cold.

His hobbies are art, photography, and music. He currently volunteers as a front desk greeter for the Iliahi study center above Subway.

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Chanel Alarca

21-year-old Chanel Alarca has been with KCC since 2015, aiming for a major in Hospitality and Tourism. From Kalihi, she works as a Hoʻokele Success peer mentor at KCC and as a check-in agent for the Norwegian Cruise Ship down at Pier 2 cruise terminal. Last year, she was a Liholiho scholarship winner.

In her free time, she enjoys activities such as hiking, playing ukulele, and making friends with other people. One of her favorite pastimes is playing board games with family and friends. 

You can usually find her above Subway at the Hoʻokele Help Desk, greeting visitors with a large smile.

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Julia Chung

Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism, Julia Chung is a first-year KCC student. From Honolulu, the 18-year-old chose her major based on the future career she is interested in becoming in the future, a flight attendant.

Having been taught the Japanese language by her mother since the moment she was born, Chung said she can use her bilingual skills in the airlines field to interact with passengers more effectively. Chung looks forward to traveling so that she can learn from every place that she visits.

In the meantime, Chung is taking a Speech 151 course to improve her public speaking and to ease the nervousness she often feels when opening up to others. Chung said that being in this class will benefit her in terms of what a flight attendant would have to do when demonstrating safety protocols and communicating with passengers on the plane.

During her free time, Chung enjoys hiking and going to the beach with friends.

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Voices & Views

  • Tengfei ShiTengfei Shi
    Tengfei Shi is a 17-year-old KCC student from China pursuing studies in the field of Natural Sciences. Shi's decision in coming to Hawaiʻi was due to his parent's wishes for him to study in the islands. He said that he's always had an interest for the science and engineering field, sharing that he hopes to find a career in architectural engineering. To pursue this dream, Shi will be moving to Los Angeles in Spring 2019 to study architecture. Shi is still deciding between enrolling at Pasadena City College or East Los Angeles College.