Author: Katlin Cilliers

In Search of Oahu’s Best Açaí

 By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer Did you know that northern Brazilians traditionally eat açaí as a savory meal, with fish, cassava flour or tapioca? The nutritious deep purple berry made its way to restaurant menus in the larger cities in Brazil, and went on to conquer the world as an exotic dessert – served with strawberry, banana, and honey – only after the ’90s. On Oʻahu, it’s been popular for a few years, and it’s proven to be more than just another food fad; An açaí bowl is a great call to replenish energies after a strenuous hike or surf session....

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Ask a Professor: Business

By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer Ask a Professor is a regular feature in which The Kapiʻo News will highlight the real-life careers and jobs that stem from areas of study at Kapiʻolani Community College. Professor Ken Iong is all about the real-life aspects of being a businessman. He takes pride in the fact that his classes emulate real business situations, such as meeting rooms seating arrangements, name tags and a professional behavior. He’s moved from a business career as a CEO of a ready-to-eat food manufacturer to becoming a professor at KCC, in the hope to contribute and give...

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Sally Watanabe

Sally Watanabe is originally from Yamaguchi, Japan. Her intended major is Hospitality and Tourism, but she has recently changed her plans of working in the field and instead, wants to go back to Japan and teach English. “I wanna improve my English skill first,” said Watanabe.

Currently, her favorite hospitality class is HOSP 168, as she likes the professor. In that class, students sometimes go out to Waikiki or Downtown and simulate guided tours.

She is passionate about volunteering: last week she went to Los Angeles to participate in a conference that aimed to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States.

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Word on the Street: If I were the President of Student Congress…

By Katlin Cilliers| Staff Writer If you were elected president of the KCC’s Student Congress, what would you do to improve our campus? Shafkat Samin Anowar Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh Age: 21 Major: Business “Bus Pass for sure. The vending machines, here they’re cash only. If they had cards, because at UH they have some vending machine with cards. So I’d make sure they take cards.” Isa Curb Hometown: Honolulu Age: 19 Major: Social Work “I’d probably make more … they probably do that, but I’d make programs and stuff for students to volunteer their time in fields of their...

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Richard Balancio

Richard Balancio moved to Hawai’i from Los Angeles, California when he was a teenager. Shortly after, he started paddling and that has been his passion ever since. He is currently a member of the Lōkahi Canoe club. He is transferring to UH Mānoa soon and intends to pursue a degree in either Art History or Fine Art.

“Let’s see. I’m still not sure. I’m still going to school,“ said Balancio.

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Ask a Professor: Graphic Design

By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer Ask a Professor is a regular feature in which The Kapiʻo News will highlight the real-life careers and jobs that stem from areas of study at Kapiʻolani Community College. From the Delaware College of Art and Design to studying in Italy to a job in corporate America, professor Emily Moody has had several experiences in the field of design, which she says “involves problem-solving and creativity.” It took her some convincing her parents to allow her to pursue a non-traditional career and degree and instead invest in getting a solid portfolio. Today, Moody teaches...

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Skip Netflix With These Spring Break Activities

By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer Spring break is finally here, after what seems to be the longest two and a half months I’ve had in a long time. While thinking of how to make the most of the days away from school, I wanted to steer clear of the typical binge-on-Netflix-and-catch-up-on-my-sleep impulse, simply because it is spring. In Hawaiʻi. Here are a few alternatives to skip Netflix and get outdoors during this well-deserved time off. Get an (authentic) Açaí bowl Forget about the food trucks by Sandy’s beach or Diamond Head area. Açaí from those do not taste like...

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Anaseini Kauvaka

24-year-old Anaseini Kauvaka is originally from Hilo, Hawai’i. She received her associate’s degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant last summer, but still comes over to campus to study for her license exam, which is coming up next month. She says that, although some parts of the test are hard, “as long as you know the rationales of the test, you are good.”

She is focused on getting lots of test practice at the moment, and hopes to pass the 200-question exam so she can do fieldwork as an Occupational Therapist. Her aim is to work with rehab within the elderly population.

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  • Imie Rose ZaluagaImie Rose Zaluaga
    Imie came to Hawai‘i from Cagayan de Oro City, in the Philippines, two years ago. She started school last fall, and is taking general education courses at the moment. Her sister owns a care home, and she currently works as a Certified Nurse Assistant — CNA — there, helping to take care of three patients. The job experience has motivated Imie to further her studies and pursue a career in nursing. However, the 23-year old believes "it is really hard to get into nursing school". In her free time, she enjoys the beautiful hikes and beaches on the island. Her favorite is Lanikai beach, in Kailua.