Author: Estefania Magdalena

Fiorella Chau

Fiorella Chau was born 17 years ago in Lima, Peru, and is currently in her second semester of the major in Liberal Arts at KCC.

After finishing high school, she decided to move to Oʻahu and start studying here. Her mother suggested that studying outside Peru would open doors and that it would give her better opportunities in the future, compared to studying in her native country.

“I started studying Liberal Arts because I really like the design,” she said. “I dream of being able to work in the fashion industry and create my own couture designs.”

After graduating, she would like to transfer to a university in California, although she is still looking for information and trying to choose the most ideal for her future.

“My inspiration when talking about fashion is American designer Vera Wang,” Chau said. “I like that her designs are exclusive and that celebrities order her wedding dresses.”

Chau said that she likes clothes of all styles very much and that in the future, she would love to open her own company with a style similar to that of Gucci.

She lives in Kaimuki, and in her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym every morning, doing hikes, or going to the beach with her friends for fun.

“I really like living in Hawaiʻi,” she said. “This summer I will go on vacation to Peru for three months, and I am very happy that I will be reunited with my family.”

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