Author: Giovanni Truglio

Becoming a Yogi is Easier Than You Might Think

Modern-day yogis are widely thought of as free spirited, flexible hippies in $120 Lululemon leggings. Despite this 21st century image, the ancient roots of yoga are far more humble and simplistic, additionally, its an excellent form of exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I too, am a self-diagnosed Whole Foods addict who buys into every overpriced trend including juice cleanses, top-of-the-line yoga gear, $9 bottles of kombucha and about a million other products, but that’s not the point. The point is that yoga has undeniably saved and changed my life, in every aspect. I originally started going to yoga classes...

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Whole Foods Market Becomes Whole Foods Markdowns

By Gio Truglio | Contributing Writer Whole Foods Market- the land of local produce, animal product alternatives and organic bulk foods galore. Often called by its popular nickname, “Whole Paycheck,” the healthy, upscale supermarket chain has recently come under new ownership. Given the misnomer for soaring prices on everyday items, Whole Foods Market was thought to be exclusive to the elite. However, with new ownership in effect, prices at Whole Foods Market could become affordable for even college students. Amazon, the world’s primary global online shopping platform, agreed earlier this summer to make Whole Foods Market its priciest acquisition...

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  • Keopuʻu Napolean-AhnKeopuʻu Napolean-Ahn
    Keopuʻu Napolean-Ahn is wrapping up her first-year of taking prerequisite courses at KCC. The 18-year-old has goals of becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and is hoping to fulfill this by getting into the Long Term Care Nurse Aide (CNA) and Practical Nursing (PRCN) program, which Napolean-Ahn said are considered the lowest programs to begin with on the nursing career ladder. Napolean-Ahn's decision in attending KCC was due to financial barriers and because of her belief that starting at a community college first rather than a university would result in more one-on-one support from those on campus. Napolean-Ahn does plan on transferring to UH Mānoa in the future and will determine if she will continue to pursue her nursing goals dependant upon how her experience turns out in the CNA and PRCN programs at KCC. With some finals already handed out by professors on campus, Napolean-Ahn said that her finals so far are going well. She was delighted to see that she passed her finals for her Math 103, English 98 and English 100 class; she is now waiting to see her final grade for her History class.