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Alexis Tolentino

Alexis Tolentino, 19, was born and raised in Kapahulu. She is currently enrolled in Liberal Arts at KCC but has plans to go into nursing. After this semester finishes, Tolentino plans to go to Las Vegas and attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). After graduating high school Tolentino’s first choice was to attend UNLV, but she decided to come to KCC for her first year to ease her transition into college.

When Tolentino is not in school she is a musician by trade. She enjoys freelancing with a group of musicians in local places around Oʻahu and throughout the other islands.

“I actually play more traditional instruments, like ukulele, base, stick guitar, stuff like that,” Tolentino said. “… I’ve played pretty much all of Waikīkī and the outer islands at different festivals.”

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Opinion: Scoring Deals Off Craigslist Saves Money

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer My first time using Craigslist for a large purchase, I was 21 years old and decided that I wanted to buy my first car out in Hawaiʻi. I had searched through Craigslist for a few days and ended up bringing my friend who was a mechanic with me to check out a 1997 Honda Civic. After a test drive and having him check under the hood to make sure everything was running smoothly, I handed over $1900 and drove away my first car. Since that day I have used Craigslist to furnish parts of...

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Review: Hale’iwa Food Trucks Offer Fresh, Delicious Options

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer In Hale‘iwa on the North Shore of Oʻahu, there are seven food trucks that congregate downtown with a variety of fresh food for beach-goers, tourists and surfers alike to enjoy in an authentic and relaxed atmosphere. The seven food trucks located in one of the parking lots in downtown Haleʻiwa are: Honos, Zane’s Simply Shrimp, ‘okina cafe, Snow Factory, Giovannis Shrimp Truck, Délice Crepes and VJ’s Butcher Block & Grill. When I spend my weekends up on the North Shore, in-between surf sessions, I love to stop by and grab some grinds from...

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Eri Kitaji

Eri Kitaji, 19, is originally from Osaka, Japan. Kitaji is having a difficult time deciding what she wants to study in school, so she has decided to get her Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. In the future, Kitaji wants to continue her education at UH Mānoa once she figures out an area of study that she is passionate about. Currently, she is taking a botany class, which has been her favorite class so far at KCC.

“Because I like natural science and I really like plants. So the class has been really interesting to me,” Kitaji said.

Since being in Hawaiʻi, Kitaji has loved the friendliness of the people she has met. She has hiked Diamond Head, tried snorkeling and really enjoys going to the beach.

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220 Grille Provides Hands-On Experience for Students

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer KCC’s 220 Grille provides the perfect venue for real-life, hands-on experience for three classes in the Culinary Arts program. CULN 160, the Dining Room Service class, are students from Associate Professor Aaron Chau’s class who operate the front-of-house. Professor Alan Tsuchiyama teaches the CULN 130, the Intermediate Cookery class that prepares all of the food items. Lastly, lab Instructor John Santamaria teaches CULN 271, Purchasing and Cost Control Lab, where students experience handling the cashiering of 220 Grille. At 220 Grille, students are taught the basics of food preparation, cooking, serving, sustainability and...

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KCC Farmers’ Market Supports Local Products

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer The KCC farmers’ market, which is every Saturday morning from 7 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., is the largest farmers’ market on the island. The farmers’ market provides an opportunity for local vendors to sell their products to tourists and locals alike, which in turn helps the local economy. During my trip there, I spent time with three vendors who sold three products: sunscreen, coffee and vegetables. Little Hands Hawaiʻi Michael Koenigs, who was born and raised in Kapahulu, co-created Little Hands Hawaiʻi with his wife seven years ago after they had their first...

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Opinion: Travelers to Developing Countries Benefit From Simple Precautions

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer Developing nations around the world are not typical destinations people where choose to take their vacations. However, in a world that is becoming more globalized each year, there are more people traveling to nations not as developed as the Western countries they are from. In doing so, it can be an enriching and life-changing experience, but should also be taken with precaution and be well planned out. In my own experience I have traveled to low-income or lower-middle-income countries primarily throughout Asia. I have been to Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Nepal (which fall into...

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International Festival Celebrates Global Music, Dance

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer KCC hosted music and dances found around the world on the last day of this year’s International Festival. The Middle Eastern Dance Association of Hawaiʻi (MEDAH), UH Mānoa Tahitian Dance Ensemble, and Indonesia’s instrument, the angklong, were all part of the festivities on Thursday afternoon. Professor Renée Arnold, who teaches French at KCC, participated with MEDAH to bring dances from the Middle East to KCC. Arnold has spent 14 years in Honolulu performing with MEDAH. She has also traveled globally dancing in London and Paris. The UH Mānoa Tahitian Dance Ensemble was brought...

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  • Christopher BrooksChristopher Brooks
    Christopher Brooks is a second year student at KCC from Hawai‘i Kai. He plans to get his B.A. and then transfer to an aviation school in either Arizona or Nevada. On his 15th birthday he flew a plane for the first time (before he first drove a car) through the Moore Air Flight instruction school. His interest with flying started as far back as when he’d watch planes go by in the designated telephone section of the Honolulu airport, which he described as “enthralling.”