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12 Christmas Movies to Celebrate 12 Days of Christmas

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer ‘Tis the season of carols, cocoa and Christmas movies. This year try celebrating the holiday season with 12 Christmas movies to countdown the 12 days of Christmas. From now until Dec. 22, a Christmas movie will be added to the list every Monday-Friday. In the list there will be some classic holiday favorites as well as some lesser-known holiday movies. “The Family Stone” (2005) The holidays can be an intimidating time of year to meet a boyfriend’s entire family. Especially for uptight Meredith Morton (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), who spends her holiday...

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Word on the Street: Finals

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer How are you feeling about finals this semester and is there a subject you can’t wait to finish? Hannah Mcdermott Age: 20 Hometown: Līhuʻe, Kauaʻi Major: Liberal Arts “I’m trying to study but the exam I’m not looking forward to is history. It’s cumulative so I have to remember everything from the beginning of the semester.” Amber Harrison Age: 20 Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va. Major: Liberal Arts “I only have three classes so it’s not that bad. I only have three right now but they’re all kind of difficult. I have world politics,...

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Tips for Surviving Finals

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer This week, as finals are quickly approaching, it’s important for students to use their time as resourcefully as possible. Time management can make or break the amount of studying students have for last minute projects and tests. Below are some helpful tips students can utilize to make the most of their time as finals approach. 1. Limit time on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat can waste a lot of time that could be used for studying. The easiest way to avoid using these apps during finals is to delete them. An...

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Kiyomi Sanders

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer Kiyomi Sanders is in her first year at KCC majoring in Liberal Arts with plans to eventually transfer to UH Mānoa. Sanders is hoping to double major in Classics and something in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field. With finals quickly approaching Sanders is worried about remembering everything for her cumulative exam in Math 135. Her math class is an accelerated course that covers a new section of the curriculum every week. So instead of having one math course over a 16 week semester, her class broke up into two math classes...

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Jamie Nguyen

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer Jamie Nguyen is 21 years old and originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She moved to O‘ahu 3 years ago for school and is currently in her last semester at KCC majoring in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Business. In January, Nguyen will be transferring to UH Mānoa to complete her degree in International Business Marketing. While at KCC, Nguyen is working on the Board of Student Publications (BOSP) as the secretary. She enjoys her job because the BOSP has given her the opportunity to work in a professional setting while...

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New Media Arts To Showcase Students’ Work

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer KCC’s Board of Student Publications (BOSP) is hosting a New Media Arts student event on Tuesday in ʻIliahi building room 123ABC from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. BOSP is hosting this event to showcase first-year student work. The purpose is to promote the New Media Arts program to future students and provide an opportunity to have an informal presentation of the work that is produced in the program. Some of the work produced will include: motion graphics, logos, digital paint and more. All students are welcome and encouraged to come and check out the...

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Word on the Street: What are you thankful for this year?

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, what are you thankful for this year? Naomi Uchida Age: 18 Hometown: Honolulu, Oʻahu Major: Culinary Arts “My life in the past was kind of difficult, the way my mom was treating me, she wasn’t giving me much independence. Recently in the last year I met a friend and this friend was helping me with being more independent. Just having this friend helped me a lot. There were a bunch of friends I met afterwards because of that and I’m thankful that it all happened the way...

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Study Abroad Offers Chance to See Ireland

By Sarah Hendrix | Staff Writer KCC is planning to launch a new study abroad program within the next year for students to study in Ireland for 10 days. Dr. Joseph Overton, who has been a professor at KCC for the past 18 years, has already begun the process of starting this program at KCC. One of the goals in offering a study abroad program to Ireland is to provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits while traveling and studying in an international setting. Currently this program is offered at Hawaiʻi Community College, which offers a course...

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