Author: Jazmyne Pennington

Justin Lospoc

Justin Lospoc is a 34-year-old Liberal Arts major from Waipahu. He plans to start Respiratory Therapy classes next semester.

Lospoc worked with respiratory specialists while serving as a corpsman in the U.S. Navy.

“It just intrigues me that breathing is essential to life, and I want to know how the human lungs work,” he said.

After graduation, Lospoc wishes to move to Washington or Oregon after graduation to be closer to snow, but if he can find a job in the respiratory field here in Oʻahu, he will stay.  

In his free time, Lospoc enjoys snowboarding, body boarding, and fishing.

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Giuliana Salinas

Giuliana Salainas is an 18-year-old first-year KCC student from Honolulu. She graduated from Moanalua High School.  

Salainas is currently pursuing her liberal arts degree and certification in the Dental Assisting program. She hopes to one day start a career as a dental hygienist. Salainas expressed that she has always wanted to work in the dental field and wants help out in the community.

In her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, painting, and going for hikes around the island.

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Voices & Views

  • Isaiah JohnsonIsaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson is a 20-year-old Mechanical Engineering major at KCC. Johnson is a freshman who is originally from Long Beach, Calif. His dream is to start his own business to fix cars. "I want to have my own business where I fix cars and help others," Johnson said. "I want to expand my mind in the process and help others fix cars too. I want to learn more about how cars are engineered and designed." Johnson decided to pursue this career path since he has multiple family leaders who are already a part of it. "I actually have some family members who are already chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineers," he said. "They've helped me know more about their fields. My aunt in particular is a mechanical engineer and I love what she does." After he graduates from KCC, Johnson does not yet know where he will attend university. He does have interest in Cal-Poly Pomona, which is a engineering college in California. However, Johnson also has interest in joining the military--specifically the army and navy--after his graduation from KCC. "I have a lot of family members who are part of the army," Johnson said. "I have interest in doing a mechanical engineering program in the army and I'll get paid a lot for it too. I'm still pondering if I'll do this though."