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Word on the Street: Luck

What’s the luckiest thing that has happened to you? Ana White Age: 19 years old Hometown: Pearl City, HI Major: Pastry Arts “I think I would say getting my first job … cashiering at La Tour in Pearl City. When I first got it, I thought I was really lucky because they were hiring to replace the workers that they had that were going to work at the Kapolei location, and they hired me without any work experience. I didn’t really even apply for the job, someone who was already working there told the guy in charge “oh, you...

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Word on the Street: New Year’s Resolutions

The staff writers of Kapiʻo News weighs in with their new year’s resolutions. Lexus Yamashiro “With the new year approaching, I definitely want to establish efficient time management so that I won’t have to stay up late every night doing homework. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and not prioritizing my time, so I would want to start over and keep myself more focused. Also, I want to somehow start getting into the habit of working out; college has me stress eating and I’ve noticed a bit more fluff on me. I just hope that the new year...

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Letter to the Editor: Dear ‘Ohana

[Editor’s note: Kapiʻo News welcomes letters to the editors from all KCC students, faculty and staff.] Dear ‘Ohana, It is difficult to find the words to address a community that feels divided in a time that the country is expressing its division in view of the election results. In the past few weeks mixed emotions have emerged as we consider our future as a nation. For every one that is afraid, there are others that are hopeful. For those exhausted, there are equal numbers that are energized. The results have had people mobilize that before may not have been...

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Meet the KCC administrative staff

By the Kapiʻo News Staff Kapiʻolani Community College’s administrative staff has seen quite a bit of turnover in the last few years, so we thought it’d be good to get to know the people who run this school. Louise Pagotto | Susan Kazama | Brenda Ivelisse | Brian Furuto | Nāwa’a Napoleon | Patricia O’Hagan | John Richards | Carol Hoshiko | Thomas No’eau Keopuhiwa Louise Pagotto, Interim Chancellor, has been at KCC since the fall of 1989 and has been Interim Chancellor since June. Q: What is KCC’s strength? A: The strengths are in the people and the programs. So,...

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Alyssa Batara

Alyssa Batara is a fourth-year KCC student taking her pre-requisites for nursing. Batara has lived in Hawaii her entire life and eventually plans to transfer to either Chaminade or HPU when finished here. During her senior year of high school, Batara had originally thought of majoring in fashion designing but said that it would be hard to go to the mainland for school without any family around. Batara said that her pre-requisites for nursing are very interesting; she is currently studying zoology and microbiology. She stated that it’s all about memorizing detail for exams that help her to understand her assignments.

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Lara Domogma and Rhea Aninag

Lara Domogma (right) is the president of the Bayanihan Club at KCC, and Rhea Aninag (left) is the secretary of the Bayanihan Club. Together with the rest of the club, Lara and Rhea strive to share Filipino culture and values with the rest of the school.

“Filipino culture has been a big part of me since I was growing up,” Lara said. “For every decision I make, Filipino culture has been part of it. For example, my parents treat me differently because they’re from the Philippines.”

“You know how there’s a lot of Filipino-Americans living in Hawai‘i and America? Well, a lot of them do not know their Filipino heritage,” Rhea said. “I want to bring that up to these students who may or may not know their heritage. With this club, we hope to help them gain more knowledge about Philippines’ history, values, and culture.”

Lara and Rhea have brought the Filipino community at KCC together by organizing events such as giving away free halo-halo, a Filipino dessert similar to shave ice, and a karaoke party.

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Keahi Williams

Keahi Williams is a first-year student at KCC and a single mother as well. After facing many obstacles in life and battling through homelessness since that age of 14, Keahi found the willpower to take herself out of that situation and do what was best for her and her son.

“I had a backup plan…” Keahi said. “My life choices led me to fall back on my plan.”

Keahi’s struggles led her to leave Hawai‘i and move to California twice, and she’s also stayed in countless shelters throughout her life. She even went through job programs, like the Job Corps. After settling down and enrolling her son in school, Keahi made a plan to enroll at KCC.

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Roselle Mallari

Roselle Mallari is a second-year KCC student taking prerequisite classes for the Nursing Program. Roselle became inspired to pursue nursing after partaking in the HOSA program in high school. She was born and raised in Hawaii, but lived briefly in San Diego because her dad is in the Navy. Roselle enjoys travel, and visited Los Angeles this past summer for the annual KCON event. She is an avid K-Pop fan and catches up on the latest music using Twitter.

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What's the best thing about living in Hawaii?

Voices & Views

  • Micheal OlsonMicheal Olson
    Michael Olson is a third-year student and is an IT major. Michael, a Mililani High School graduate, transferred to KCC from UH Mānoa, where he was studying computer science. Michael said he chose KCC because it is more “hands on” than UH. After graduating this semester, Michael aspires to getting a job involving cyber security. Outside of class, Micheal enjoys taking Kendo, a Japanese sword martial art, at the Japanese Cultural Center. He also enjoys working out. On campus, Michael has created a spiritual club called Mind Above, which holds meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12:30 at Subway in ʻIliahi.