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My Life as a Passenger

By Kayla Valera | Staff Writer In terms of getting around, I’ve only ever relied on being the passenger to one of my licensed family members or friends. As a driver’s permit wielding college student, I have never felt the direct need to break this cycle in all my 18 years. This is mostly due to my parents being protective of me and preferring to drive me to place themselves so that I don’t need to use public transportation. Even when I was old enough to obtain a driver’s license, I found that it’d be more practical to simply carpool with my dad to...

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Top 5 Meat and Ice Cream Substitutes of 2017

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER In recent trips to the grocery store, I’ve noticed that more vegan products are hitting the shelves than ever before. Perhaps this phenomenon is due to the growing popularity of this lifestyle, causing more companies to expand their market toward vegan friendly consumers. Either way, mainstream companies and traditionally plant-based brands alike are aiding this movement, and vegans can’t help but reap the benefits. The alternatives that I personally seek out are ice cream and meat products. Finding replacements for these indulgences were one of the hardest parts of shopping as a vegan. As shown by the following items listed, enjoying...

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Pi’ilani Enos

Pi’ilani Enos currently lives in Kāneʻohe, O’ahu, but makes the commute every morning to KCC because of the respiratory program that its campus offers. Beforehand, she attended Windward Community College (WCC) for her prerequisites in the Respiratory Care Practitioner Program. Enos knew that she was interested in the field of health care having taken care of her two grandmas while growing up. She is originally from Hawai’i island but has since stayed on O’ahu to enroll in school , which she will be in until around July 2019.

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PEEC II Grant Cultivates Engineers Underrepresented in STEM

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER For budding engineers looking to gain experience and receive calculus credit, the Pre-engineering Education Collaborative II (PEEC II) grant seeks out students who are of Native Hawaiian ancestry as well as other underrepresented minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for their two summer programs: The Hawaiʻi Calculus Academy and The Mānoa Design Clinic. The Hawai’i Calculus Academy is offered at all six of the PEEC II U.H. campuses: Kapiʻolani Community College, Honolulu Community College, Leeward Community College, Windward Community College, University of Hawaiʻi Maui College, and University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa. In comparison, the Mānoa Design...

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Cassidy Siegrist

Cassidy “Cass” Siegrist is approaching his second year at Windward Community College (WCC) student while taking classes at KCC to fulfill his pre-engineering credits. Siegrist hails from Philadelphia but has lived in a number of states and countries throughout his service in the military. After getting out of the air force Siegrist moved to Hawai’i, which is where he has been for the past six years and currently resides in Kalihi.

What inspired Siegrist to get back into school was his newfound hobby of creating lightsabers. Siegrist figured that besides teaching himself the basics behind micro-controller in order to program his realistic lightsabers, he might as well learn more about the field of electrical engineering through school. For the past six weeks Siegrist got involved in Pre-engineering Education Collaborative II (PEEC II) program which was hosted on KCC’s campus. This coming Fall semester, Siegrist will still be in circulation on campus as he attends a physics course taught by professor Aaron Hanai.

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Hōkūleʻa Returns Home After 3-Year Voyage

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER Hōkūleʻa’s historical voyage around the world has garnered worldwide recognition throughout the past three years since its departure in May 2014. It was this past Saturday, June 17, that came the closing of this project, Mālama Honua, as the double-hull canoe made its way back home to Oʻahu at Magic Island Beach Park. Uncle "Scotty" Garloh and his friendʻs and familyʻs canoe sat along the Ala Wai harbor awaiting each new canoe. (Photo by Kayla Valera) According to its official website, the Hōkūleʻa has reportedly covered 60,000 Nautical miles, visited 23 nations and territories, and docked...

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Coolin’aire Production Performs for the First Time

BY KAYLA VALERA | STAFF WRITER This past Saturday night saw the opening performance of Coolin’aire, a jazz musical that was created by KCC’s own Dean of Business, Legal and Technology, John Richards. The production was a work of 10 months and its venue was the Palikū theater at Windward Community College. After great preparation, Coolin’aire’s opening night showcased its unique conflation of jazz music and culinary arts. In addition to those who attended the show, interim chancellor at KCC, Louise Pagotto, showed her support for Richards’ production since she was the first person who he confided in for this project. “I think what they presented...

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Yuree Ku

Yuree Ku has been at KCC since 2011 and currently works at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Originally, Ku had obtained an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts at KCC before enrolling into the Nurse Aide program. Since then Ku has decided that she no longer wants to be a nurse and instead wants to learn more about engineering–mechanical engineering in particular is what interests her the most. In the meantime, Ku is a part of ‘Ike, the Hawai’i Calculus Academy’s six-week math concentrated summer program. The program takes place at KCC and Ku is a part of it to cultivate her interest in the pre-engineering field.

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Voices & Views

  • Miki NakasoneMiki Nakasone
    Miki Nakasone is a first year student at KCC. She has just graduated from Kalani High School. At the moment she is undecided in terms of her major, though she is currently striving to get a Liberal Arts degree at KCC. In her free time she likes to stand-up paddle and surf. One of the beaches that she frequents the most is Kahala beach since itʻs near her house. The biggest waves that she has ever caught were around 3-4 feet. Over break she is looking forward to her cousins coming down from California.