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Emily Whitfield

Emily Whitfield is a second-year student attending KCC. The 22-year old came to Oʻahu from Castries, St. Lucia (an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea), when her father landed a job that caused her and her family to move. Moving from the Caribbean to California, then eventually to the Big Island, Whitfield chose to attend college at KCC to major in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Whitfield’s decision to pursue this particular field of study was because of her interest towards it, believing that it’s a subject seldom discussed.

“I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to go into … [but Peace and Conflict Resolution] just sounded interesting,” Whitfield said. “It opens so many doors for you, so I thought it was just kind of interesting and I wanted to see what it was about.”

Although solving people’s problems is what she said she has difficulty with, Whitfield hopes to go into a career that will be related to her major.

Whitfield enjoys taking classes at KCC, expressing that she finds the campus to be laid back and “chill.” Whitfield said that if KCC were a four-year university, she would choose to stay to complete her Bachelor of Arts because of the comfortable feeling that the campus already gives her.

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Elliot Dixon

Elliot Dixon is a first-year student attending KCC. Having already received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, the 27-year-old is now back in school taking pre-requisites for medical school.

In Fall 2017, Dixon was attending LCC taking pre-requisites for pre-medical courses but chose to transfer to KCC after moving into Waikīkī. Dixon has found KCC’s campus to be nicer and that it carries a stress-relieving environment for him to step into.

Looking to attend KCC for the next school year, Dixon interests for biology and chemistry is helping him in determining which classes he wants to enroll in. In the future, Dixon hopes to become a practicing physician such as a psychiatrist or neurologist.

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  • Sally WatanabeSally Watanabe
    Sally Watanabe is originally from Yamaguchi, Japan. Her intended major is Hospitality and Tourism, but she has recently changed her plans of working in the field and instead, wants to go back to Japan and teach English. “I wanna improve my English skill first,” said Watanabe. Currently, her favorite hospitality class is HOSP 168, as she likes the professor. In that class, students sometimes go out to Waikiki or Downtown and simulate guided tours. She is passionate about volunteering: last week she went to Los Angeles to participate in a conference that aimed to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States.