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30th International Festival Week

By Kapiʻo News Staff STORIES Preview : KCC to Celebrate 30th Annual International Festival Monday : Students March in International Parade of Cultures Tuesday : Students Perform in International Literature PHOTOGRAPHS 30th Annual International Festival Week Students in JPNS 102 performed an interactive storytelling of a traditional Shinto wedding. (Photo by Sarah Hendrix) « ‹ 1 of 12 › »  ...

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Students March in International Parade of Cultures

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer First-year KCC student Iroha Mochida participated in the International Parade of Cultures during the 30th Annual International Festival on March 19. From Kagoshima, Japan, it was Mochida’s first time being a part of the parade which was led by Sango, a drummer. “I wish more people could join us because this parade should be representing the diversity, so that was really fun,” Mochida said. Coordinated by international student and leader of the International Promotional Team (IPT) Yubo Zhou, students of KCC’s and IPT marched with Sango around the Great Lawn, ʻIlima building, and stopped by...

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Aaron Pila

Aaron Pila is a third-year student attending KCC majoring in Natural Resources. The 22-year-old already graduated from KCC with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts in Fall 2017 but is continuing to further his education in preparation for his transfer to UH Mānoa in Fall 2018.

Pila’s decision to attend KCC was influenced by the encouraging comments he heard about KCC’s biology program, specifically giving credit to professors Mackenzie Manning and Brian Deis. Since his time spent on campus, Pila has found the support system and academics to be helpful and motivating.

In the future, Pila yearns to work in a national park after earning his degree.

“I haven’t really decided which one yet, but … I just like the idea of walking around showing people really why they exist and how great just being outside is,” Pila said.

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KCC STEM Clubs Hosted 1st Annual Pi Day Event

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Haunani Inouye, a third-year student attending KCC, spent her afternoon on March 14 at the ʻIlima Courtyard to celebrate Pi Day while learning more about KCC’s STEM program. The third-year student was enjoying herself while playing “Pi shoes” (a game of horseshoes with Pi-shaped horseshoes) during KCC’s first annual Pi Day Event that was held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. During her time spent at the event, Inouye, who is majoring in Natural Sciences, said that the idea of celebrating Pi Day while connecting KCC’s STEM program with it is what made...

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Noah Duran

Noah Duran is a second-year student majoring in Economics at KCC. Originally from California, the 27-year-old decided to attend college in Hawaiʻi after vacationing for the first time on Oʻahu back in December 2017.

As he pursues Economics at KCC, Duran hopes to learn more about investing as he makes connections with those on and off campus. Duran enjoys working with people who have advanced computer skills and are able to generate creative ideas such as startups (an entrepreneurial venture). In the future, Duran is looking to become a serial entrepreneur in which he said will benefit himself and others to make ideas become reality.

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Kana Mampuku

In her first-year attending KCC, 28-year-old Kana Mampuku moved from Osaka, Japan to Hawaiʻi to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. Mampuku decided to move to Hawaiʻi hoping to learn English and become more familiarized with the food industry. 

In the future, Mampuku strives to start her own business that will allow her to teach cooking classes around the world. 

As Mampuku works to accomplish her goals, she enjoys the atmosphere of KCC and Hawaiʻi, expressing her love for the nice temperatures and good people.   

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UPass Fee Survey Results Show Majority Vote from Students

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer During the Student Congress general meeting that was held on February 26, President Ismael Salameh announced that a strong majority of students voted in favor of having a mandatory semesterly $40 UPass fee go into effect for two academic school years beginning in Fall 2019. According to Salameh, only 1,046 students voted out of the 6,679 students who are enrolled at KCC, resulting in 1,019 who were in favor and 27 who were against it. The official UPass fee survey was sent out via email on February 5 and open until February 16. Four...

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UH Mānoa-KCC Student Integrates Communicology Studies with Restaurant

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Since graduating from Kaimukī High School in 2010, Kei Yoshida has been working at his family restaurant, Menchanko-Tei, since 2011 as the head chef. After being out of school for five years, the 25-year-old decided in 2015 that he return to school to pursue a degree that would focus on all of his interests and connections with the restaurant. In his third year at UH Mānoa, Yoshida (who is also dual enrolled at KCC) at first felt that having to choose between majors such as Hospitality, Culinary, and Business in connection with the...

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  • Ujjwal GautamUjjwal Gautam
    Ujjwal Gautam, who hails from Nepal, is a first-year student at KCC. Gautam came to Hawaiʻi through a student visa but now holds a green card to the U.S. Although he is undecided of what his major will be, Gautam thinks that civil engineering is a possible career route that he'll pursue. Back in Nepal, Gautam had received a 2-year degree in Food and Science Nutrition. For now he is taking his general education courses at KCC, one of them being his ESL class, which he finds a bit difficult for him seeing as though it is his second language. Gautam enjoys sports like cricket and soccer. Along with this he has an interest in music and even plays the guitar. What Gautam has noticed about the education system in Hawaiʻi, or in the U.S. alone, is that there are some good and bad things about the way teachers teach here. He isn't used to how teachers don't thoroughly explain their lessons to students. He says that in Nepal, teachers are much more helpful than they are here. Otherwise, Gautam has enjoyed his time in Hawai'i after being here for only one year.