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Lunalilo Scholars Celebrate at First-Ever Gathering

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Current and former scholars of the King William Charles Lunalilo Scholarship program were recognized by KCC faculty, staff, and donors on Thursday night in Ka ʻIkena Lauaʻe. Hosted by Lester and Marian Kaneta, the Kaneta Foundation that helps to fund the scholarship program along with the UH Foundation, 46 graduated Lunalilo Scholars since the 2012-13 class until now were recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments and successes during the first-ever celebratory dinner. “It’s a celebration of the graduates of the Lunalilo Program,” Kaneta said. “We’ve never had a celebration, and this is the first time...

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International Student’s Passion for Art Grew Through KCC

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Commencement is a time for graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and hard work that has earned them their degree, which is exactly what international student Meg Ishihara did on Friday, May 12, at the Hawai‘i Convention Center for KCC’s annual commencement ceremony. Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Ishihara came to Hawai‘i to get an education. After graduating from the Kanto Christian International School in Yokohama, Japan, from kindergarten to twelfth grade, the 21-year-old was influenced to attend college in Hawai‘i because her older sister attended KCC from 2012-13. Ishihara also knew many graduates from the...

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Word on the Street: KCC’s 2017 Commencement

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer The KCC 2017 Commencement was held on Friday, May 12, at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center where more than 430 students walked across the stage to receive their degrees and certificates. Here are some thoughts from a few of the students. Josten Sumagit  Age: 31 Hometown: Honolulu, HI Major: Liberal Arts with a concentration in Business Degree Received: Associate of Arts Years Spent at KCC: 2 “[This graduation] is a stepping stone for my bachelor’s degree. [My most challenging point] was balancing work life, social life, and school life. [My biggest influence] would probably...

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Lunalilo Scholarship Program Benefits Students’ Education

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer The King William Charles Lunalilo Scholarship Program is a program funded by the Kaneta Foundation and has been a scholarship opportunity offered through KCC since 2012. Now open for applicants until Friday, June 2, to apply for the 2017-2018 school year, former KCC student and Lunalilo Scholar Ashley Maria reflected back to when she was accepted into the program and how it helped her with her journey through college. From Honolulu, Maria entered KCC during the Spring 2013 semester at the age of 27 as a single parent. However, in February 2013, she...

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Geneva Costales

Geneva Costales is a fourth-year student majoring in Family Resources. The 24-year-old recalled times when her aunt would tell her that she should attend KCC when she was older, however, Costales was considering to start off at UH Mānoa. Her plans changed when her parents didn’t approve of her wanting to become a high school counselor, telling her that she would have to pay for college on her own, which led to her decision of attending KCC which she said is more realistic for those who aren’t as financially stable. Costales said that her teachers have been, and are,...

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Preparing for Finals

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer With finals week approaching, this is that moment where students realize they are either ready as ever or scrambling to study at the last minute. This particular examination period can be quite stressful for students, especially for those who do not practice good study habits — such as myself. Knowing that a final exam can make or break your grade, it is best to prepare for it weeks in advance to ensure that it will help you pass your course. Here are some study tips that students should consider when it comes to preparing for final exams....

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Aspiring Aerospace Engineer Gets Opportunity with NASA

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer For second-year KCC student Leiolani Malagon-Leon, science has been her top subject of interest. Although she remembers not being the best at this particular subject in school, she improved in it over time and has made it one of her top goals to one day work for NASA as an aerospace engineer. This June, she will be attending a four-day on-site event at the Ames Research Center, where she will get to work alongside NASA engineers, scientists and others to do rover simulations, plan Mars missions, and more. “I like anything that has to do with space...

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James Spray

James Spray is a second-year student ready to graduate from KCC this May. Majoring in Liberal Arts, Spray is looking to attend Arizona State University (ASU) to major in Technical Theatre. He said that going into the theater tech field while at ASU would be like having a job as a carpenter, where he would learn set design and drafting, which connects to his interest of building and creating products. Spray hopes to also play volleyball while at ASU.

Spray shared that his major originally was Kinesiology, however, after taking a theater class at KCC, he was convinced to get back into his passion for theater, recalling memories of fun times he had while taking theater classes for three years in high school. He has been working at the Kennedy Theatre and Chaminade University’s theater departments as a project assistant.

Being that Spray will be graduating this semester, he said that he will miss the professors and counselors the most because of how supportive and helpful they have been. Spray said that his teacher for an Introduction to Health and Wellness class that he took during his first semester at KCC was the most influential teacher that he has had.

“The way he ran the classroom was so different. We were going outside to learn stuff, we were exercising,” Spray said. “He was very knowledgeable, of course, and he shared a lot of his stories which really kind of connects the teacher to the student which is really nice.”

Spray said that the biggest obstacle that he’s faced while in school was finding that drive to stay focused, especially when there are only a few weeks of the semester left.

“I’m slowly going down in classes, and [I’m thinking] ‘I just want this to be over’, but in the back of my head I’m like ‘I need to pass these classes’,” Spray said. “So I would say finding drive in your lazy moments and finding motivation.”

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  • Ginessa Taa GapasinGinessa Taa Gapasin
    Ginessa Taa Gapasin is a second-year student at KCC who plans to major in nursing. While she attended Moanalua High School, she picked up paddle boarding as a side hobby. Originally she planned on coming to KCC solely for its paramedics program. She changed her focus instead to nursing because she figured that nursing will be an easier job even though it's harder to get into, whereas being in the EMT is easy, but the work would be harder. On her free time she likes to go to the beach. For paddle boarding she likes to go to Pōka‘ī Bay, for hanging out, Kailua beach.