Author: Lexus Yamashiro

Creative Media Lab to Open for Students

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer The Board of Student Publications (BOSP) will be unveiling its new Creative Media Lab next month that has been in the works since Spring 2016. Scheduled to open by Monday, Oct. 16, BOSP executive members have been finalizing its process in creating a space in ʻIliahi 124 for students that will serve as a creative outlet with access to computer monitors, digital equipment and more. From Photoshop to creating movie files, any current KCC students will be allowed to visit the lab to use any of the six Macintosh or two Dell computers for...

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Legacy Club Hopes to Enhance KCC Community

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer First-year student Cameron Herrick eagerly attended the Legacy Club’s first meeting on Friday, September 15. Herrick, a Liberal Arts major who plans to go into Paramedicine, expressed interest for the new club by signing up at NSO Part III. After attending the first meeting, she immediately signed the club form to become an official member. The Legacy Club, which was in the process of being organized during Spring 2017 but is now active for the first time, was created for the purpose of promoting a social and cultural experience on campus as well...

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Legacy Club to Host First Meeting

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Update: In an earlier version it was stated that the Legacy Club meeting would be held in ʻIliahi 231 Room ʻElima. The location of the meeting has been changed to ʻIliahi 123A.  Lunalilo Peer Mentors of the King William Charles Lunalilo Scholarship Program will be hosting their first meeting for the new Legacy Club on campus. The meeting will be held on Friday, September 15 at 2:00 p.m. in ʻIliahi 123A. The Legacy Club was created to promote a social and cultural experience for students of KCC to enhance the sense of community. Guest speakers, field...

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KCC’s Children’s Center Provides Support for Parents

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer In 2014, HCC student Justi Dunhour was looking for a job after giving birth to her daughter, Ayvri Dunhour-Torres. The 26-year-old eventually landed a position as a teacher’s assistant at KCC’s Alani Children’s Center, a place that provides early childhood development care for children of students and faculty. After seeing how the center functioned, Dunhour enrolled her then 2-year-old son, Matix Dunhour-Torres, and eventually decided the same for her daughter. “I love it here and I love the people who work here … ” Dunhour said. “I trust them and it’s super nurturing. …...

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Makaʻa Watson

Makaʻa Watson is a first-year student attending KCC majoring in Liberal Arts. From Honolulu, HI, the 17-year-old decided to come to KCC after struggling to get accepted to UH Mānoa over this past summer. Beyond this challenge, Watson’s decision in attending KCC was also influenced by the several great aspects that he has heard about the campus, the affordability for tuition, and how small the campus is.

Watson is taking five classes this semester and enjoys how straightforward his professors are with the learning material. Once he earns his Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, Watson is hoping that it will help transition him into a Pre-Engineering major at UH Mānoa or another university.

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Summer Fails: What I Meant to Do

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer After successfully completing my first year of college at KCC, I was ecstatic to know that I’d have at least three months of a summer vacation to relax. For me, this meant being able to enjoy myself stress-free without having to wonder if I have a paper due within the next week. However, with summer now basically over as we officially transition out of summer with Labor Day, I’ve come to realize that there were a handful of activities that were pushed aside from my much-needed break. Below are five of the major acts...

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Meio University Signs 1st Agreement with Community College

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer On Wednesday, students and faculty members of KCC and Meio University watched as President Natsunori Yamazato, executive director Toi Nakayama of the Center for International Exchange, chair Joe Overton of the Honda International Center, and interim vice chancellor Susan Kazama of Academic Affairs sign an agreement for Meio University’s International Academic Exchange Program to send its students to KCC to study. According to Yamazato, the exchange program made between KCC and Meio University will go into effect immediately. Located in Nago in the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan, Meio University continues to reach out...

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Tevin Reiger

Tevin Reiger is a first-year student attending KCC majoring in Business. Reiger chose to attend KCC because of its convenient location and closeness to home, and also because he felt that starting off at a community college rather than a university was ideal.

When he earns his business degree, Reiger, who is openly gay, hopes to open up a restaurant similar to Hooters that would be made comfortable for anyone of the gay community. He explained that at night, the restaurant would turn into a nightclub setting that would host drag shows and more.

“Another business that I kind of want to open is a place where gay teens, and just teens in general who are under the age of 18 or 18 and under, can go have fun and be themselves but in a safe environment,” Reiger said.

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What's the best thing about living in Hawaii?

Voices & Views

  • Thao HuynhThao Huynh
    Thao Huynh is a second-year college student at KCC majoring in hospitality. At the age of 24, Huynh has already received a B.A. in hospitality in her home country, Vietnam, but has decided to go back to school in Hawai'i since her foreign degree wouldn't qualify in the U.S., which is where she eventually wants to live as a resident. Huynh currently resides in Waikīkī with her uncle and cousins. Over the summer she plans on relaxing after the long school year and working part time at a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown.