Author: Lexus Yamashiro

Opinion: Bathroom Cleanliness Lacks Due to Those on Campus

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer When I first began college at KCC in Fall 2016, the appearances of most of the bathrooms on campus impressed me. From the supply of toilet seat covers to automatic flushing toilets and running sinks, the qualities of KCC’s bathrooms were unexpected yet enjoyable to have. Unfortunately, over time I would notice pieces of toilet paper at my feet while in a stall and other messes, leaving me to wonder how careless someone could be to leave clutters behind. These situations only got worse as time went by, and it came to the point...

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KCC to Host 1st #FindYourPassion Event

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer Interim Student Affairs Coordinator Thomas Noʻeau Keopuhiwa will be one of 21 guest speakers for KCC’s first #FindYourPassion event on Tuesday and Wednesday in Lama Library. Designed by the Student Success Council as a way for students majoring in Liberal Arts to explore a possible career path, Keopuhiwa said that this event will help students to connect their interests to a specific major and potential future career. “For Liberal Arts, because it’s such a vast majority of majors, we didn’t really have anything specifically catered for them in terms of connecting a Liberal...

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UPass, Technology Fees Need Students’ Approval

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer After the results of an annual survey that was sent out by KCC’s Student Congress in Spring 2017 indicated that transportation and technology were the biggest concerns amongst students, Student Congress developed a proposal to push a mandatory $40 UPass and $5 technology fee per semester into effect. KCC’s current UPass is an optional payment of $225 for an entire semester, which, compared to the purchase of a monthly bus pass of $70, saves students $55 a semester. Although this benefits students financially, fewer purchases of the UPass may occur due to concerns that...

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Ecology Club Continues Island Restoration Work

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer KCC’s Ecology Club president Katie Gipson, along with 10 other members, took an educational trip to Lānaʻi to execute land restoration work while learning how Native Hawaiians lived a sustainable life from Jan. 12-15. Accompanied by Dr. Wendy Kuntz, the faculty advisor of Ecology Club, students got the opportunity to work alongside Lānaʻi residents to restore fishponds and remove invasive plants. Students camped at Hulopoʻe Beach Park and chose which sites they wanted to visit on the island by using the Lānaʻi Guide app that indicated historical, agricultural, and scenic places such as the Waiʻopae...

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Kimberly Serna

Kimberly Serna is a first-year student attending KCC who is majoring in Physical Therapy. The 18-year-old, who graduated from Farrington High School in May 2017, said that she has felt a connection with the medical field since her junior year when she had the opportunity to do job shadowing and work-study as a physical therapy assistant (PTA) through the school’s health academy.

“I got interested in the way the [PTA’s] environment is and in helping the patients,” Serna said.

Although catching the bus from Kalihi to KCC can be lengthy and tiring, Serna said that she enjoys coming to KCC for her education. Upon receiving her associate’s degree at KCC, Serna hopes to work in Tripler Army Medical Center as a PTA in the future.

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Word on the Street: TV Show/Movie World

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer If you could escape into the world of one TV show or movie, what would it be and why? Angelica Montealegre  Age: 24 Hometown: Kapaʻa, Kauaʻi Major: Liberal Arts “‘Blue Lagoon’ … because in that movie, because they’re stuck on a deserted island, they’re accustomed to living a very simple life and finding happiness in the most basic things. I feel like I would prefer to live in an environment where there wasn’t everything that we have now, and I could learn to live and appreciate literally the most simple things. So, I feel...

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Students Express Concerns Regarding Accessibility

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer After taking several semesters of as little as just one class at KCC, 26-year-old Maria McClellan began to notice the challenges she often faces while getting around and entering buildings on campus. Born with Morquio Syndrome, a rare birth defect that has stunted McClellan’s growth and limits her ability to walk, the Vermont native’s reliance on her motorized wheelchair and 2-year-old service dog, Shadow, can only help her so much when attempting to enter buildings on her own. Taking classes that are located in buildings such as Olonā where there is no automatic door opener...

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New Movie Club Seeks Members

By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer For second-year student Tia Chong Kee, the idea of starting her own movie club on campus has been a dream that she has wanted to fulfill since beginning school at KCC in 2015. After going through the process of creating a new Registered Independent Organization (RIO) and collecting around 30 signatures of interest from students in Fall 2017, the 21-year-old’s Movie Club was officially established at the start of the Spring 2018 semester in which she serves as the club’s president. The Movie Club, advised by Information Literacy Librarian Joy Oehlers, provides students...

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  • Lisa KobukeLisa Kobuke
    Professor Lisa Kobuke has been teaching Japanese for 16 years at KCC, although she began teaching at UH Mānoa. Professor Kobuke first got into teaching back when she attended UH Mānoa and was required to teach Japanese in order to earn a scholarship. Her mother, who came from Japan, taught Japanese as well, so that interested Professor Kobuke as well. She loved getting her first class, but she also remembers scripting her entire lectures the night before during her early semesters of teaching. "I just love Japanese literature and I see so much that I want to share about Japanese culture. Language is just one avenue in which I can share that," said Professor Kobuke. "It's more of a package. You cannot separate language, culture, and history. Everything is together. It's my mission to share that." Some of her favorite Japanese literature includes "The Tale of Heike" and "Hōjōki." Professor Kobuke loves the KCC community. "I feel a deeper connection with the students here," said Professor Kobuke. "I love getting to know the students, getting to joke around in class, or finding out how you're going to use the language you're learning." Professor Kobuke currently resides in Kāneʻohe because she "has to see the Koʻolaus." In her free time she likes to read or appreciate art in museums.