Author: Nicole Fernandez

Lourdes Killeto

19-year-old Lourdes Killeto was born in Micronesia but was raised in Kalihi. It is her first year at KCC as a Nursing major. She has always wanted to attend here since high school. Commercials for KCC would play on television, catching her attention, and her older brother, who attended HCC, recommended she go to KCC instead of any of the other community colleges on Hawaiʻi.

Lourdes chose nursing because when her grandma passed away she wanted to know what had caused it in order to help people in the future. Her original dream was to work at Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children, but now she wishes to move back to Micronesia since there is a lack of adequate nursing there. After she graduates, she plans to transfer to UH Mānoa to continue working towards her degree.

Currently, she works as a Pre-Pacifica Peer Mentor above Subway.

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Julian Nakayama

Originally from Japan, 20 year old Julian Nakayama has been living in Hawai‘i for two years. The Liberal Arts major moved here because of his interest in marine biology, and according to Julian, Hawai‘i is the ideal place to study that subject.

In comparison to Japan, Julian said, “[Hawaiʻi] is a good place to, like, relax, get a good tan.” He also likes it because, unlike Japan, it is not as cold.

His hobbies are art, photography, and music. He currently volunteers as a front desk greeter for the Iliahi study center above Subway.

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Voices & Views

  • Kana MampukuKana Mampuku
    In her first-year attending KCC, 28-year-old Kana Mampuku moved from Osaka, Japan to Hawaiʻi to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts. Mampuku decided to move to Hawaiʻi hoping to learn English and become more familiarized with the food industry.  In the future, Mampuku strives to start her own business that will allow her to teach cooking classes around the world.  As Mampuku works to accomplish her goals, she enjoys the atmosphere of KCC and Hawaiʻi, expressing her love for the nice temperatures and good people.