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Chie Koda

31 year old Chie Koda is a first year Art student from Tokyo, Japan. Before moving to Hawaiʻi on her own, she graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Koda decided to come here because KCC is cheap and she loves the beauty of Hawaiʻi.

“I like bonding humans and nature together,” Koda says, “and Hawaiʻi is the best place for that, with its nature … its environment.”

She has always been interested in being an artist and nature is her favorite subject. After graduating, she hopes to either work at the Honolulu Museum of Art or become a teacher. She wants to teach young children art through nature.

In her spare time, Koda enjoys swimming at Waikiki beach or creating paintings outside. She also likes to play the ʻukulele, having started after arriving on Oʻahu.

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Olu Lamodi

19 year old Olu Lamodi is a Nursing student taking classes at both KCC and UH Mānoa. As a part of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), Lamodi was moved to Hawaiʻi from Atlanta, Georgia, but he enjoys it here. ROTC has provided him with a full ride for university, which is one of the main reasons why he is part of it.

When he was younger, Lamodi was always interested in ROTC and participated in Junior ROTC (JROTC) during high school, leading him to continue to the next level in college. As for his major, Lamodi chose his because he likes what it takes to be a nurse.

“I’ve always wanted to help people in the medical field,” said Lamodi, “but I didn’t necessarily want to be a doctor. I actually like … the rigorousness of being a nurse instead.”

Lamodi hobbies include playing basketball and chilling at home. Since ROTC is maintaining his expenses, he is able to focus on school and not have to work. After graduating, he plans to enlist in the Air Force, since it is a highly recommended branch, and use his medical training where it is needed most.

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  • Ryan SacroRyan Sacro
    Ryan is a first-year student at KCC in the Culinary Arts Program. The inspiration for his choice of study and his love of all cuisines can be traced back to his mother, who by all accounts is an excellent chef. When not playing basketball or hanging out with friends off campus, you can find Ryan leading a lively Bible study with fellow KCC students on Fridays in the ‘Iliahi Courtyard. The group is called One by One and they are affiliated with the Oʻahu Church of Christ, with services at UH Mānoa. Reading the Bible “deepens your relationship with God, and you learn a lot about your character,” says Ryan. His Bible study group also volunteers at a homeless shelter in Waimānalo on the weekends.