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Vlladeemarl Nicolas

18 year old Vlladeemarl Nicolas is a first year Liberal Arts major originally from Molokai. He moved to O‘ahu after high school because, while he does want to remain close to home, he saw a better college education here.

In his free time he enjoys playing video games, drawing, and hanging out with his friends. His interest in drawing is what has helped him decide to pursue graphic arts at a mainland university after KCC. He has no big dreams, but as a general goal for life, he wants to focus on the now.

“I’m just trying to live life, just trying to be a better person,” Nicolas said.

Currently, he’s looking for any part-time job in order to bring in some income. He lives with his uncle and cousins in Kalihi, and wants to give back to them.

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Merlisa Hiroshy

Merlisa Hiroshy is in her fourth semester at KCC studying for a Liberal Arts degree. Born and raised in Kalihi, 19 year old Merlisa originally planned to transfer to UH Manoa, but her plans have changed and she has decided to take a different path. She is unsure of where it is going to take her, though she is content to follow it.

In the little free time she has, Merlisa likes to sketch random things that catch her eye. Since she is a full time student, Merlisa does not have a lot of time for much else. Other hobbies are eating and sleeping. Her main priority is focusing on school, but if she didn’t attend KCC, “there would probably be a lot more [I would] do.”

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Lourdes Killeto

19-year-old Lourdes Killeto was born in Micronesia but was raised in Kalihi. It is her first year at KCC as a Nursing major. She has always wanted to attend here since high school. Commercials for KCC would play on television, catching her attention, and her older brother, who attended HCC, recommended she go to KCC instead of any of the other community colleges on Hawaiʻi.

Lourdes chose nursing because when her grandma passed away she wanted to know what had caused it in order to help people in the future. Her original dream was to work at Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children, but now she wishes to move back to Micronesia since there is a lack of adequate nursing there. After she graduates, she plans to transfer to UH Mānoa to continue working towards her degree.

Currently, she works as a Pre-Pacifica Peer Mentor above Subway.

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  • Stefan CranstonStefan Cranston
    Stefan Cranston is a 20-year-old biology major at KCC. Cranston is a sophomore who's a native of Honolulu. His main goals are to transfer into UH Mānoa's medical school to obtain a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and to become a future doctor. "I've always had a profound interest in biology since I was a kid," Cranston said. "I allow my fascination for life to move me forward. Biology to me is really easy, and I find it more interesting than something complex like physics. I really want to get into the medicine field after I'm finished with KCC." Cranston is currently working towards both an associates degree in Natural Sciences and an associates degree in Liberal Arts at KCC. He is doing this to save money on classes and to complete as many as possible before he transfers to UH Mānoa.  "My favorite part of biology is that it gives us a description of everything living and the meaning behind it," Cranston said. "Biology relates to people since we're living creatures too and I like to understand the meaning about everything that we do." Cranston offers important advice for people who are interested in the biological or medical fields. His advice stems from his passion for the subject as a whole.  "If you want to be involved with biology, do it because you love it, not because you want a lot of money," Cranston said. "Money matters a little bit, but your passion for biology should be the most important part of your studies and work."