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Justin Nguyen

Justin Nguyen is a 22-year-old Biology major here at KCC. As a native from Kaimukī, Nguyen is in his senior year of college. Having already completed most of his college credits on the mainland at Creighton University in Nebraska, Nguyen came back to KCC to finish his bachelor’s degree.

“A lot of healthcare jobs are associated with this major [biology]”, Nguyen said. “I also have a lot of friends being biology majors, so I thought that we could help each other study and stuff. Biology is really interesting, too, though, I really enjoyed science in high school.”

Nguyen plans on returning to Creighton University after he receives his bachelor’s of science in biology. At Creighton, Nguyen wishes to enter dentistry school. His dream is to become a pediatric dentist, and he has held this dream for an extremely long time.

“I remember when I was four or five, I went to the dentist for the first time,” he said. “I got really excited, and I told my mom that I wanted to be a dentist. I always enjoyed my dentist —his name was David Sumikawa — he was super kind and nice to children. He really cared about his job, and that got me interested in this profession.”

For other people who wish to follow the biology or dentistry path, Nguyen encourages students to study and work hard and to not slack off. Additionally, Nguyen believes that by reviewing old school work and notes, you can build your knowledge up and be able to do well in more difficult classes.

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Shayne Shintani

Shayne Shintani is a 20-year-old Secondary Language Teaching major here at KCC. As a native from Kailua, Shintani is in his third year of college. He wants to graduate from KCC with an associate’s degree and then transfer into UH Mānoa.

With his degree, Shintani hopes to teach English to foreigners who have recently moved into Hawaiʻi, especially people from Japan. He also wants to become a professor’s assistant for a school in Japan or at UH Mānoa for the Second Language Studies Department.

“When I was in high school, we had many students from Japan who couldn’t speak English very well,” Shintani said. “It was my job to help them learn English, and that kind of inspired me to follow this path.”

Shintani has taken five years of Japanese language in school, and is now in his first semester of American Sign Language (ASL).

Shintani’s advice for people who wish to follow his career plan is to “never give up on your goals, do your best and keep on working,” he said. “It’s great to know about and understand other students’ languages.”

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Matthew Yoshikawa

Matthew Yoshikawa is a 22-year-old student at both KCC and HCC. As a native of Hawaiʻi Kai, Yoshikawa is majoring in the Fire Program over at his home campus, HCC. As a fourth year student, Yoshikawa hopes to receive an associate degree from the Fire Program so that he can become a future firefighter, a job that he said he has always wanted to go into.

Along with wanting to become a firefighter, Yoshikawa is also majoring in Botany here at KCC.

“I took a couple of classes for Botany to see what it was like, and I liked it,” he said. Yoshikawa’s love for Botany stems from his likable and passionate instructor, Mike Ross. 

As a 2015 high school graduate, Yoshikawa has interest in plants and loves to learn new facts about them. Along with looking forward to being a firefighter, Yoshikawa said that majoring in both a Fire Program and Botany is “a good mix.”

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  • Elliot DixonElliot Dixon
    Elliot Dixon is a first-year student attending KCC. Having already received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, the 27-year-old is now back in school taking pre-requisites for medical school. In Fall 2017, Dixon was attending LCC taking pre-requisites for pre-medical courses but chose to transfer to KCC after moving into Waikīkī. Dixon has found KCC's campus to be nicer and that it carries a stress-relieving environment for him to step into. Looking to attend KCC for the next school year, Dixon interests for biology and chemistry is helping him in determining which classes he wants to enroll in. In the future, Dixon hopes to become a practicing physician such as a psychiatrist or neurologist.