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Alexis Tolentino

Alexis Tolentino, 19, was born and raised in Kapahulu. She is currently enrolled in Liberal Arts at KCC but has plans to go into nursing. After this semester finishes, Tolentino plans to go to Las Vegas and attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). After graduating high school Tolentino’s first choice was to attend UNLV, but she decided to come to KCC for her first year to ease her transition into college.

When Tolentino is not in school she is a musician by trade. She enjoys freelancing with a group of musicians in local places around Oʻahu and throughout the other islands.

“I actually play more traditional instruments, like ukulele, base, stick guitar, stuff like that,” Tolentino said. “… I’ve played pretty much all of Waikīkī and the outer islands at different festivals.”

Sally Watanabe

Sally Watanabe is originally from Yamaguchi, Japan. Her intended major is Hospitality and Tourism, but she has recently changed her plans of working in the field and instead, wants to go back to Japan and teach English. “I wanna improve my English skill first,” said Watanabe.

Currently, her favorite hospitality class is HOSP 168, as she likes the professor. In that class, students sometimes go out to Waikiki or Downtown and simulate guided tours.

She is passionate about volunteering: last week she went to Los Angeles to participate in a conference that aimed to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States.

Elliot Dixon

Elliot Dixon is a first-year student attending KCC. Having already received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, the 27-year-old is now back in school taking pre-requisites for medical school.

In Fall 2017, Dixon was attending LCC taking pre-requisites for pre-medical courses but chose to transfer to KCC after moving into Waikīkī. Dixon has found KCC’s campus to be nicer and that it carries a stress-relieving environment for him to step into.

Looking to attend KCC for the next school year, Dixon interests for biology and chemistry is helping him in determining which classes he wants to enroll in. In the future, Dixon hopes to become a practicing physician such as a psychiatrist or neurologist.

Eri Kitaji

Eri Kitaji, 19, is originally from Osaka, Japan. Kitaji is having a difficult time deciding what she wants to study in school, so she has decided to get her Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. In the future, Kitaji wants to continue her education at UH Mānoa once she figures out an area of study that she is passionate about. Currently, she is taking a botany class, which has been her favorite class so far at KCC.

“Because I like natural science and I really like plants. So the class has been really interesting to me,” Kitaji said.

Since being in Hawaiʻi, Kitaji has loved the friendliness of the people she has met. She has hiked Diamond Head, tried snorkeling and really enjoys going to the beach.

Richard Balancio

Richard Balancio moved to Hawai’i from Los Angeles, California when he was a teenager. Shortly after, he started paddling and that has been his passion ever since. He is currently a member of the Lōkahi Canoe club. He is transferring to UH Mānoa soon and intends to pursue a degree in either Art History or Fine Art.

“Let’s see. I’m still not sure. I’m still going to school,“ said Balancio.

Takanori Yoshikawa

Takanori Yoshikawa, a 21-year old aspiring director, is in his fifth semester at KCC and is working towards a BA in Creative Media from UH Mānoa.

“Before [here], I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, but everything was new and confusing,” Takanori said. “I wanted to transfer to somewhere I know, and I had been to Hawai′i so many times for vacation, so I thought Hawai′i was the best for me.”

Takanori is from Tokyo, Japan and has lived in Honolulu for almost three years. He spends his free time studying, golfing with friends and watching movies; his favorite movies are “Disturbia” and “Shutter Island.”  Takanori also goes to the gym regularly, and he likes to play soccer but, he hasn’t found a place to play.

“My name, in a way, means leadership,” Takanori said. “I think that being a director is like being a leader.”

Anaseini Kauvaka

24-year-old Anaseini Kauvaka is originally from Hilo, Hawai’i. She received her associate’s degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant last summer, but still comes over to campus to study for her license exam, which is coming up next month. She says that, although some parts of the test are hard, “as long as you know the rationales of the test, you are good.”

She is focused on getting lots of test practice at the moment, and hopes to pass the 200-question exam so she can do fieldwork as an Occupational Therapist. Her aim is to work with rehab within the elderly population.

Grace Tang

Grace Tang, 18, is in her second semester as an Art History major and hopes to be a part of the art world in the future, whether as an artist or a curator at a museum.

Grace lived in Hawaiʻi until she was about 10 years old, when she moved to California. She moved back to Hawaiʻi with her family about a year ago to start a church. Grace’s father, a pastor, and mother had lived in Hawaiʻi two times prior for the same reason. He gives sermons for small groups on Saturday nights at Kalani High School. Grace has a close relationship with her family and said that they do everything together.

She prefers to draw or make collages when creating.



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  • Aaron TisdaleAaron Tisdale
    31 year-old Aaron Tisdale is a Marketing major from San Diego, California. He has lived in Hawai‘i since he left the U.S. Navy in November, 2016. It took Aaron a while to adapt to his life outside the military. “Once I got into the groove of things, got a job, then it was good.” He currently works as a bartender at the Modern Hotel, in Honolulu. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and working out. On the way to his Spanish class, Aaron shared that he started learning the language during the three years he was stationed in Andaluzia, in the South of Spain. “I know quite a bit [of Spanish]. I used to have some friends teach me all the time,” Tisdale says.