Kapiʻo News

We are the student newspaper of Kapiʻolani Community College.

Katlin Cilliers
Staff Writer

Katlin Cilliers is a first-year student at KCC. She is currently pursuing a second degree in Liberal Arts – Psychology. She moved to Hawaiʻi from Brazil 2 years ago. In her free time, you’ll find her running around Kapiʻolani Park and and writing in her blog.

To read all of Katlin’s stories, click here. She can be reached at cilliers@hawaii.edu.

Sarah Hendrix
Staff Writer

Sarah is a second-year college student with plans to major in Communications. She has been able to travel to 22 countries, primarily in Asia and Europe doing humanitarian projects such as typhoon relief work and serving refugees fleeing the Middle East. In the future, Sarah hopes to start her own relief organization to help the victims in crisis situations.

To read all of Sarah’s stories, click here. She can be reached at hendrixs@hawaii.edu.

Jana Julian
Staff Writer

Jana Julian is a second-year college student working towards an interdisciplinary degree in Public Policy. She moved to Hawai‘i from Dallas 2 years ago after finishing culinary school. She is a huge foodie and frequents many restaurants and farmers markets. In her free time, you’ll find her volunteering to end poverty.

To read all of Jana’s stories, click here. She can be reached at julianj7@hawaii.edu.

Mark Ladao
Staff Writer

Mark is a third-year journalism student at UH-Mānoa. He moved from California to Hawai‘i in 2009 and is interested in writing about science and the environment. He enjoys biking around town.

To read all of Mark’s stories, click here. He can be reached at ladaom@hawaii.edu.

Lexus Yamashiro
Staff Writer

Lexus is a second-year college student and 2016 Lunalilo Scholar. She is passionate about writing and plans to major in English to become a novelist. She writes her own books during her free time, and also enjoys taking photographs and playing music.

To read all of Lexus’ stories, click here. Lexus can be reached at lexusyam@hawaii.edu.