Student Congress is the official channel between students and administration. As the official student voice, we work diligently to receive student feedback, concerns and input. We provide opportunities for students to practice and enhance their leadership skills while creating spaces that promote diversity and individual growth. We invite you to come visit our office any time in Iliahi 129 (next to Subway). If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


The Associated Students of Kapi‘olani Community College Student Congress is the official governing organization of the student body. Thriving in a multicultural and student-centered community, it is Student Congress’s priority to increase student involvement, and address student issues and concerns.


Associated Students of Kapiʻolani Community College Student Congress is a student driven organization committed to serving as an active resource for students, and advocating for the student body. The student voice at the College, University of Hawaiʻi System, and community levels through a transparent process, we engage in matters at those levels to ensure continuity and success of the organization’s values.



Three office positions remained vacant after the Student Congress 2017-2018 Elections. Those positions (Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations officer) will be fulfilled through voting by the Student Congress, in the first General Meeting of Fall 2017, on September 5. You can apply no later than 10am on September 5 using the following link



Ish Salameh

Raiyan Rafid
Vice President

Shannon Sakamoto
Faculty Advisor


Contact Us:
Visit us: ‘Iliahi 129

Call us: (808) 734-9580

Email us:




Student Congress General Meetings will take place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. in ʻIliahi 123 AB. The dates are:

September 5, 19
October 3, 17
November 7, 21
December 5



The views on this page reflect those of Kapiʻolani Community College’s Student Congress and not that of Kapiʻo News.